Best Tent For Boy Scouts: Buyers Guide

Camping has always been an indispensable part of the boy scout experience. There are plenty of options to consider, so choosing the best tent for boy scouts can be a bit challenging. In this article, we have narrowed down the selection to six particular models. We will explain how all of these items have the traits you’d look for in an ideal scout tent.

Moreover, we will talk about the factors you need to mull over before buying an official boy scout tent.  Making you aware of the technical details is the perfect way to substantiate our recommendations.  Why rely on our words only when you can verify? After all, knowledge is power!

What is the perfect tent for boy scouts? If you don’t want to go through the whole article, then here’s our ultimate recommendation-the River Country Products Trekker Tent 2. It is durable, comes from a top manufacturer, doesn’t cost a lot, and can house at least four kids at a time. What makes it special is its unbelievably low weight, which stands at a slender 2.75 pounds.

Want to learn more? Let’s start with our reviews!

6 Best Tent For Boy Scouts

GigaTent Cooper Boy Scouts Camping Tent

We will begin our best tent for boy scouts review with the GigaTent Cooper Boy Scouts Camping Tent. The tent holds up very well to long-term sun and rain exposure, thanks to its polyester build. This tent will stay in your cabinets for years and accompany your child on countless outdoor adventures.

You can put together the tent in a matter of minutes without facing any complications. It weighs a meager 8 ounces, so you might not even notice its presence in your backpack. The tent can accommodate an adult or two children. Therefore, it is a two-person tent for boy scouts.


  • Fiberglass Poles: The tent poles are made of fiberglass, which makes them incredibly sturdy. These poles boast high impact resistance, so they will not sustain damage if they fall from your hands.
  • Polyester: The tent comes with a polyester coating, and the fly is of the same material as well. Polyester does a great job reflecting the sun’s ultraviolet rays and extending the tent’s lifespan. It is extremely water repellant too.
  • Insect-Proof Mesh: The mesh roof provides ventilation without exposing the inhabitants to tormenting insects. If you are concerned about privacy, then you would be happy to know that the mesh fabric is not see-through.


Night Cat Backpacking Tent

Ease of installation is a desirable feature for any camp shoppers, not just the ones who are looking to buy the best backpacking tent for boy scouts. The highlight of the Night Cat Backpacking Tent is that it has the most straightforward setup procedure. You can assemble and disassemble it within a minute.

The manufacturers marketed this tent as a “tent for one”, but it can easily house two boys. The 4.4 lbs weight is so minimal that even the youngest boy scout members won’t feel stressed to carry it in their backpacks for prolonged periods. The 210D waterproof PED fabric sidewalls will keep out water in the heaviest of rainfalls.


  • Oxford 210D Fabric: The Night Cat Backpacking Tent is made of Oxford 210D fabric. Oxford fabric is famous for being lightweight and waterproof. The notation ”210D” indicates the denier count, i.e. the thickness of the fabric.
  • Instant Assembly/Disassembly: You can get this tent ready for use in no time. You will not need more than 60 seconds to get it up. Similarly, you can take the tent down in one minute.
  • Bug-Proof Ventilation: You can find two mesh windows at the roof of the tent. These provide ventilation without allowing bugs to creep inside the tent. The tent door is also made of non-transparent mesh for better air circulation.


River Country Products Trekker Tent 2.2

The River Country Products Trekker Tent 2.2 offers a generous amount of space minus extra weight burden. It stretches seven feet in length. In width, it takes up around 5 feet, and it rises 42 inches in height. For such a dimension, we can all agree that the 5-ounce weight feels staggeringly low, right?

 This tent stakes a strong claim for the best four-person tent for boy scouts crown. It has ample room inside to shelter four kids or two adults. The mesh side vents ensure an abundance of fresh air inside the tent and keep you safe from insects at the same time. On top of all that, setting up this tent won’t take you more than a few minutes.


  • Improved Seam Design: The River Country Products Trekker Tent 2.2 has a superior seam design to its predecessors. So, you can expect better protection against weather adversities from this tent.
  • Compatible With Any 42-Inch Poles: You don’t necessarily have to use the aluminum tent poles that originally ships with the product. You can use any 42-inch sticks to put up the tent.
  • Spacious: The tent is large enough for four children or two adults to sleep in.  It is seven feet long, five feet wide and 42 inches high. Although it’s quite large in size, it weighs barely three pounds.


Stansport Scout Backpacking/Camping Tent

Stansport Scout Backpacking Tent did not warrant a place in our best tent for boy scouts review only for its classic A-shaped design. Durability, comfort, weather resistance-this tent tics all the right boxes. The A-design makes it convenient for installation. Also, it minimizes wind and rainwater impact.

Even novice campers will find the two-pole setup simple to execute.  It is a boy scout canvas tent that meets CPAI-84 fire standards. The polyethylene floor won’t tear anytime soon and absorbs a decent amount of ground moisture. A nylon-polyurethane covering insulates the tent from harsh weather.


  • Three Season Tent: Stansport Scout Backpacking/Camping Tent can tackle most types of weather. It’s not the best choice for snowy winter, but you can use it in spring, summer, and autumn. It will fare well in moderately cold temperatures too.
  • High-Quality Fabric: The nylon-polyurethane mix makes for a formidable tent exterior. It can tolerate up to 8000 millimeters of rainfall and has a heavy-duty floor made of polyethylene. The mesh vents are quite durable too.
  • A-Frame Design: The tent’s triangular shape is a boon for campers who love camping in less-than-ideal weather conditions. It neutralizes the effect of wind and rain and also keeps the tent conveniently lightweight.


Surplus French Military F1 Tent

Surplus French Military F1 Tent is a boy scout canvas tent that meets French armed force benchmarks. If you are looking for a multi-season tent on a budget, this one fits the bill perfectly. Since it’s aimed for military use, it’s one of the most rugged tents you can find in the market.

There are mesh vents on either door. In case of rain and heavy wind, you can seal the vents using the storm flaps. The frame of the tent is fabulously well built. We have tested it in wind speed surpassing the 70mph mark, and guess what? It stood firm! The interior of the tent can fill up a queen’s size bed. So, four boy scout members can easily sleep in it.


  • French Military Grade Tent: The Surplus French Military F1 tent has been cleared for military use in France. Therefore, you can expect this tent to be incredibly sturdy. It offers high protection against wind, rainwater, and condensation.
  • Rubberized Bottom: The base of the tent is made of rubber. It is very easy to clean and looks quite good too. Rubber is quite lightweight, so the rubber floor plays a vital part in making the tent ultralight.
  • Simple Installation: All you have to do to put up this tent is to anchor two aluminum poles and draw the tent lines. Overall, you will require only a couple of minutes to make the tent ready for lodging.


River Country Products Trekker Tent 2

You will recall the River Country Products Trekker Tent 2.2, which we reviewed earlier in our best tent for boy scouts piece. As mentioned earlier, the River Country Products Trekker Tent 2 packs most of the amenities you would find in the tent. Trekker Tent 2 has smaller back vents and does not include trekking poles.

But, Trekker Tent 2 has a significant advantage over Trekker Tent 2.2. It weighs only 2.75 pounds, which means it’s even lighter than the ultralight Trekker Tent 2.2. The best thing is, it is as spacious as the Trekker Tent 2.2, but it weighs 4 ounces less. It also has several loops for hanging lanterns and other accessories. There are some storage pouches too.


  • Accessory Attachment Loops & Storage Compartments: Once you set up the tent, you will find loops on the roof. You can use these to suspend flashlights and lanterns. There are also sewn-in storage compartments for keeping your essentials.
  • Ultralight: You will have a hard time finding a scout tent lighter than the River Country Products Trekker Tent 2.2. It tips the scale at 2.75 pounds, which is substantially lighter than most lightweight tents.
  • Works Without Trekking Poles: You will have to buy the trekking poles for this tent separately. But, you can use makeshift trekking poles. Any 42-inch sticks would do the trick.


What To Consider While Shopping For The Best Tent For Boy Scouts?

What is the perfect tent for boy scouts? We have handpicked a few models, but instead of blindly trusting us, you should know what makes a tent worthy of boy scout use. There is a handful of elements to reflect on before finalizing your pick. Here are the ones you can’t but ignore:


We all like our tents to have a lot of space inside. Unfortunately, we face a tradeoff between size and weight while buying a tent. The larger a tent is, the heavier it gets. As children would be carrying the tent in their backpacks, you will have to be mindful of the weight when you are buying a large tent.

Thankfully, tents like River Country Products Trekker Tent offers sizable space in lightweight tents. But, there is no need to buy a bulkier tent if there is no use for it. A single person adult tent is suitable for two children. If your child wants to share his tent with more of his buddies, he surely can!


You have to think about the weight before buying a scout tent for your children. In boy scout outings, children often have to walk for hours with the tent rolled inside their backpacks. If you need larger tents with more features and more durable contents, you would also have to account for the weight.

So, when you are comparing tents, emphasize their weights. Sacrificing some amenities would be a good choice for less weight as it would make the tent more portable. It doesn’t mean that weight is the only deciding factor. But, you have to make sure that the tent doesn’t get overly heavy.


Durability is another aspect you can’t afford to overlook. First of all, the tents are not cheap. So, when you buy one, you would expect it to last for a while. Also, tents need to cope with various natural elements in the wilderness to keep the inhabitants safe. Therefore, the best tent for boy scouts should hold up well in harsh conditions.

Canvas, nylon, and polyurethane are the best choices for tent fabric. Check whether or not the tent is made of these materials. Forrest fires are common during summer, so having a flame retardant tent is always a good idea. For waterproofing the tent, the seams should be properly sealed.

Loops And Storage Units

You will have to use flashlights or camp lanterns to keep the tent interior illuminated during the nighttime. To keep all parts of the tent visible, it would be best to hang the light from the top. If you don’t find any attachment options, it would be a hassle to install the lights. So, look for loops on the tent ceiling which you can use to string up flashlights.

Sleeping space could be at a premium inside the tent if you have tentmates or have a lot of luggage lying around. So, having built-in organizers can be quite helpful in freeing up some precious floor space. Most modern tents now have special storage pouches where you can keep your day-to-day items like watches, cellphones, toiletries, etc.

Weather Resistance

Boy scout tents need to have sufficient weather resistance. In resident campouts, scouts have to spend about a week outdoors. So, it’s not unusual for them to get caught up in the mood swings of Mother Nature. Sometimes, they would have to deal with a sudden onset of stormy breeze, and sometimes, a downpour might catch them by surprise.

It would be ideal if you go for a four-season tent, but they could be excruciatingly expensive. So, we recommend getting at least a three-season tent that can tolerate summer and moderate winter. The rain fly of the tent should cover the ground so that the tent remains completely dry. Fiberglass poles hold up better in windy scenarios than aluminum ones.

4 Types Of Boy Scouts Tents

You can categorize tents into various types depending on their shapes, purposes, and other determinants. Per Boy Scout of America regulations, a boy scout needs to spend a minimum of 20 nights in campouts to earn the prestigious Camping merit badge. Here are four types of tents the BSA recommends for scout camping:

1. Wall Tents

A wall tent has two sets of perpendicular walls, meaning it has four straight walls, unlike a pyramid-like enclosure. Straight walls create more room inside the tent. For long-term camping with multiple people, wall tents are the best choice. These tents are also ideal for storing supplies because of their larger size.

Wall tents have been a staple in scouting since its inception. If your camping excursion lasts longer than a few days, then wall tents are your best bet out there. These tents have high-endurance frames and canvas sidewalls for warding off weather extremities. Polyester and nylon are usual tent wall materials as well.

Wall tents offer more space and protection. However, they do have downsides, i.e., their price and weight. These tents are bulkier, so, naturally, they would be heavier than compact tents. Also, these tents feature premium features for better longevity and safety. Hence, they are pricier.

2. Dome Tents

As the name suggests, a dome tent is a tent that takes after a dome. A rectangular base and two diagonal poles are its distinguishing features. The poles that run from the ground to the top of the tent are responsible for providing stability. They secure the tent’s position on the ground. These poles are the only anchoring mechanism in dome tents.

We have reviewed some dome tents in our best tent for boy scouts article. The Gigatent Cooper and Night Cat Backpacking tent are both dome tents. These tents are lightweight and simple to pitch. Dome tents are excellent as one/two-person tents. If you need a larger tent, we won’t recommend purchasing dome tents.

Smaller dome tents evade wind impact to a greater degree. But, when the dome gets larger, the wind catches a greater portion of the tent. Since dome tents are not staked to the ground, a strong wind can uproot the poles and blow away the tent. The shape of the tent also reduces room inside the tent.

3. A-Frame Tents

A-frame tents resemble the English letter A in shape. Once upon a time, it used to be the most popular tent design across the globe. It might have left its glory days behind, but A-frame tents are still in vogue. Some of the best tent for boy scouts are A-frame tents, for instance, the Stansport Scout Backpacking Tent and the River Country Product Trekker Tent.

A-frame tents come with mesh ventilators, waterproof coverings, and floors. The A-shape makes it possible for you to stand up inside the tent without your head touching the tent ceiling. The slanted walls prevent rainwater from pooling on top and fends off high winds. Tent poles and stakes both help the tent to stay stationed in the ground.

A-frame tents are suitable for both solitary and shared lodging. But compared to a wall tent of similar dimension, you will get less bedroom space inside. A-frame tents are not as simple to pitch as dome tents. So, putting up an A-frame tent could require some getting used to for new campers.

4. Pyramid Tents

Pyramid tents are one of the oldest tent shapes in existence. The sidewalls of these tents are steeper than other kinds of tents. Pyramid tents are famous for their exceptional resilience to the wind. The sidewalls in these tents have a minimal surface area towards the top. So, these tents remain vastly unaffected by the wind.

You can pitch a pyramid tent using a single pole. For this reason, pyramid tents are also known as monopole tents. In general, the pole stays at the center of the tent and rises to the peak. Some modern pyramid tent setups place the pole diagonally and move it off the center. The objective here is to expand interior space.

Pyramid tents can be an exciting option to consider if you are trying to buy the best tent for boy scouts. Weather resistance is the number one reason to pick up pyramid tents. Not to mention, pitching them is a piece of cake. But, if you prefer more space, pyramid tents won’t be the best option to choose.


What Is The Perfect Tent For Boy scouts?

Even though we singled out the River Country Products Trekker Tent 2.2 as our best pick, which is an A-frame tent, we believe that dome tents are the perfect pick for scouts if limited lodging space is not an issue.  Dome tents are easy to pitch, extremely lightweight, and the smaller tents do a remarkable job in withstanding bad weather.

How Can You Protect Your Tent?

Pack the tent and poles separately to prevent the poles from tearing the tent. Check the seam of your tent for leaks. If you find any, you have to patch them up. Otherwise, water will get through them. Always use a ground cover before pitching your tent. Upon returning from camping, clean the tent with cold water and a sponge. Dry it thoroughly afterward.

What Are The Easiest Tents To Set Up?

Dome tents are the easiest tents to set up. They are free-standing, meaning they don’t have stakes anchoring them to the ground. Dome tents are solely reliant on their poles to keep their ground position secured. Smaller dome tents show decent resilience in windy conditions, but larger ones are less stable in such situations.

Final Thoughts

The right tent can make or break a camping experience. And camping is part and parcel of the boy scout culture. In his very first camping adventure with his fellow scouts and supervisors, your boy would be looking forward to his very first campout. The best tent for boy scouts can guarantee that he comes back home with some memorable moments.

But, there is no shortage of buying options, which could make you feel confused. Are you making the right choice? To ensure you do, we have gone through the trouble of putting together a comprehensive guide for buying boy scout tents. What is the perfect tent for boy scouts? Hopefully, our article has led you to the answer to that question.

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