Best Tent Camping Setup: Top 9 Tents To Buy

Going on a camping trip with a shoddy tent can make your life miserable outdoors. Cramped interior, water coming through the top, wind getting the better of the poles-there are a whole lot of things that could go wrong. Therefore, it is essential to have the best tent camping setup when you plan on spending some quality time enjoying Mother Nature.

So, we have taken the time to put together a guideline that can help you identify the best tent setup for you. We have combed through a pile of options to shortlist the best tents and save you hours of research. Want some pro tips to get more from your tents? We got that covered as well.

Here for a limited time? Then let’s direct you towards our ultimate tent camping setup pick-the Coleman Dome Tent. Coleman is arguably the best tent brand in existence, and this model is their bestseller item. It has a fabulous dome design and offers all the amenities you would look for in a tent. It is durable, weather-resistant, easy to pitch, and reasonably priced.

Now that’s out of way, let’s start the in-depth reviews.

Top 9: Best Camping Tents Review

MOON LENCE Pop Up Tent Family Camping Tent

The first product we will review in our best tent camping setup article is the Moon Lence Pop Up Tent Family Camping Tent for four persons. Setting it up is as simple as opening an umbrella. The pop-up mechanism requires minimal involvement from you, and you can see the tent standing in its full size within a minute or so.

Apart from ease of installation, the Moon Lence Pop Up Tent Family Camping Tent has some remarkable user-friendly features. There is an inside storage compartment where you can keep your mobile phone, headphones, or other items. You can also find a hook on the ceiling for hanging flashlights.


  • Pop-Up Design: The tent features a pop-up design. Therefore, it is very easy to put up. Place the bottom sheet on the camping spot, raise the tent top, slide down the top mechanism, and secure the bottom bolts in position.
  • Breathable: For ideal ventilation, the tent has two doors and two vents. The doors are spacious enough for easy access. Each of them has dual zippers to keep the doors closed during bad weather.
  • Sturdy Material: The polyurethane tent fabric comes with a 190T (190 threads per inch) rating. The Oxford ground sheet has a fabric thickness of 210D (D=Denier, 210 strands of fabric per gram).


Bessport Backpacking Tent For 2 Person

Bessport Backpacking Tent for 2 Person is a compact tent to take along when you are camping solo or have only one tentmate. This is the best budget option in our best tent camping setup selection. In our opinion, you won’t get better value for your investment in any other tents. It’s cheap, but it doesn’t deprive the customers of a high standard.

Fibreglass poles have a notoriety for being brittle. Aluminum poles are more favorable to keep your tent rooted in windy scenarios, but they are more expensive. Despite being a low-price tent, this Bessport tent offers you the luxury of aluminum poles. It has excellent ventilation, thanks to its mesh side panels. The water resistance is top-notch as well.


  • Weather Resistant: The 68D polyester fabric and welded Oxford floor do a great job keeping the interior dry. You would also get a rainfly for additional rainwater protection. Aluminum poles and a specially engineered frame gives the tent superior wind resilience.
  • Excellent Ventilation: The mesh panels allow for proper air circulation inside the tent. You can see through them and take in the view without having to leave the tent. Need some privacy? The ripstop panels have got you covered.
  • Fluid Zipper Movement: You can shut the door from both sides with convenient two-way zippers. The fly moves effortlessly across the tape. The manufacturer has used number 8 zippers, which are very easy to grab.


Coleman Dome Tent (4 Person)

Do these tents look familiar to you? You might have seen them online as you were browsing through camping setup pictures. Coleman Dome Tents are like the Toyota Corolla of tents. They are widely popular among campers because of their ergonomics and fantastic price range. On top of that, they have generous inner space to house four adults at the same time.

This tent tics all the right boxes. Effortless installation? Check. Good ventilation? Check. Durable build? Check. Waterproofing? Check. The E-port serves as an electrical outlet for your appliances. So, you can bring your coffee maker along for a fresh cup of morning joe or charge your cellphones without a power bank.


  • Darkroom Technology: Your summer siesta will not get interrupted in this tent because of its Darkroom Technology. It will deflect 90% of the sun rays and keep the tent from getting warmer than you’d like.
  • E-Port: The E-port gives your tent access to an extension cord. If your campsite has electrical outlets, you can connect the cable there and supply electricity to your tent for charging your gadgets or powering your electrical appliances.
  • Weatherproof: The inverted seam and welded corners make it almost impossible for water to pass through the tent exterior. The rainfly will impose a subsidiary layer of protection from the rain. It will hold up well against wind speed surpassing 35mph.


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Coleman Dome Tent (6 Person)

The fourth entry to this list is also a Coleman Dome Tent, but it is larger than the one we had just discussed. With six-person accommodation, this tent can be the best camping setup for the family. The amenities are similar to the four-person Coleman Dome Tent. However, this tent does have some exclusive offerings.

The glow-in-the-dark guy lines are one such feature that was absent from the four-person version. These lines remain visible at night and eliminate the risk of accidentally tripping over them. It has a thicker Polyguard fabric which makes it even more stubborn to weather adversities. This is a four-season tent so that you can consider it for camping at any time of the year.


  • 4 Season Tent: Spring, winter, summer, or autumn-whenever you feel like camping, you can rely on the Coleman Dome Tent to become your home away from home. It has a thick outer fabric and can withstand a wind speed of more than 35mph.
  • Darkroom Technology: Darkroom Technology makes camping special for those campers who loves to take post-lunch naps. It will keep out 90% of sun rays. Hence, it will keep your tent comfy even in a scorcher.
  • Fast Pitch: Since it’s a giant tent, you can’t pitch it within a minute or so, but it’s still fairly simple.It comes with pre-attached poles, which takes away most of the work. A newcomer wouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to set it up.


Hewolf Instant Camping Tent (3 Person)

Hewolf is a tent brand we greatly admire for the quality of their products. So, it would have been impossible for us to omit the Hewolf Instant Camping Tent from our best tent camping setup list. This particular model is a 3-person tent with a pop-up design.  Therefore, you won’t have to spend much time pitching it.

The hexagon-shaped tent has a UV-resistant outer coating that keeps the mesh-inner layer safe from excessive heat and rainwater exposure. There are two tent dual-layer tent doors. The mesh covering keeps the air passing in and out and prevents condensation. When you need privacy or shelter from wind and rain, draw up the polyester cover.


  • Fast Pitch: The pop-up tent won’t take more than five minutes to pitch. The poles come pre-attached. All you have to do is to pin down the corners and tie guylines. It has an umbrella-like mechanism, which makes it easy to set up.
  • Waterproof: We have to applaud this tent specifically for its water resistance capability. The 190T polyester makes it almost impossible for the water to penetrate through the outer shell. Moreover, there is a rainfly for additional insurance.
  • Heavy-Duty Zippers: The zippers are easy to maneuver. Whether you are trying to get in or out of the tent, you will not struggle to get the zipper running. The fly or the teeth won’t break anytime soon.


Coleman Montana Tent

Even the trickiest tent camping setup ideas will go in vain if your tent is not big enough to fit in your camping partners. For those who love to go camping in large groups but want to stay underneath the same roof, the Coleman Montana Tent can be the ultimate tent camping setup. It can shelter as many as eight people at a time.

The abundance of living space is not the only reason to go for the Coleman Montana Tent. Like other Coleman tents, this tent would go easy on your pocket. The awning that is attached to the door is a thoughtful addition. You can put aside your footwear and wet clothes there. If you want a large space in a budget, this tent would be an ideal buy for you.


  • Angled Windows: The angled windows are one of the distinctive features of this tent. Because of their slanted design, rainwater will not get in through them if you choose to keep the windows open during rain.
  • Door Awning: The door awning is another unique inclusion that is primarily tasked with giving you weather protection. You can also use it to put away wet clothes and muddy boots.
  • Hinged Door: While the awning does provide a decent range of protection, the hinged door makes it more difficult for rainwater to spill inside. These doors are easy to open and close.


Pacific Pass 6 Person Family Dome Tent

At first glance, you would get convinced that the Pacific Pass 6 Person Family Dome Tent would cost a pretty penny. Thankfully, it falls on the lower range of the price spectrum despite its premium appearance. It doesn’t just look the look, and it walks the walk. That’s why this Pacific Pass tent earned its place in our best tent camping setup shortlist.

There is a screen room attached to the tent. Upon entering the screen room, you can find the door to access another room. So, basically, this is a two-room tent. The screen room has flooring, which means you can spend some quality time here in nature, gazing. Other mentionable features are wall pockets, a gear loft, and a ceiling hook for hanging light.


  • Organizers: This tent has a gear loft where you can keep your camera equipment and phone. Apart from that, there are two mesh storage bags where you can put away more stuff.
  • Screen Room: The screen room gives you the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of the tent and admire the outside view simultaneously. The mesh walls prevent insects from entering the tent and establishes a constant airflow.
  • Compact Carrying Size: This is not a small tent by any means. We are talking about a 10×10 feet tent that rises 68.9 inches from the ground upon pitching. But, you can fit it in a 24×8.6 inch bag, which is a great plus for portability.


Hewolf Instant Camping Tent (4 Person)

Hewolf is a relatively new name in the camping world. But, they have already garnered the trust of outdoor enthusiasts with the quality of their products. For that reason, Hewolf features again in our best tent camping setup discussion. This model shares a lot of similarities with the Hewolf tent we previously wrote of. The key difference is that this one can house more people.

The pop-up mechanism makes the installation instantaneous. Layout the poles, lift the tent top, and stake down the corners -that’s it! The mesh-polyester tent material helps the tent strike the right balance between breathability and durability. The mesh screen is a functional safeguard against mosquitos and other bugs.


  • Mesh-Polyester Combination: The outer cover of this tent is made of polyester, while the inner layers are made of mesh. The mesh-polyester fusion ensures optimum weather protection without sacrificing breathability.
  • Usable As A Beach-Shelter: Heading for a day on the beach? This tent could prove to be a useful companion. Besides camping, you can use it as a sunshade on the beach once you remove the inner mesh portion.
  • Easy Installation: Not all pop-up tents are as easy to set up like this tent. The tent poles spread quite easily, which is not a universal case for pop-up tents. The mechanism remains smooth despite repeated use.


Coleman Cabin Tent

The final name in our best tent camping setup list is the Coleman Cabin Tent. It is not the most versatile tent we have reviewed here. It can give the best tents in the market a run for their money when it comes to long-lastingness and ease of set up. If those two factors take precedence over others on your priority list, this tent could be perfect for you.

Although it is a four-person tent, we feel a maximum occupant of three would enjoy the utmost comfort inside the tent. It has an integrated vented rainfly, which means you would not have to use an extra covering once the downpour begins. While installing, only press the dedicated set up button on the tent legs. It can’t be any easier than this!


  • WeatherTec System: This tent banks onColeman’s proprietary WeatherTac technology to keep you safe from rainy weather. The insulated seams and welded corners make sure the water stays out.
  • Expandable Carrying Bag: The tent ships with a stylish and resourceful carrying bag. It expands to fit the tent and allows you to carry the tent on the go. The tent fold downs nicely so that it wouldn’t be much of a hassle moving around.
  • Automatic Installation: You don’t have to stretch out the tent poles manually. You can see a release button on the legs. Press it, and they will unfold by themselves. Staking is the only thing you need to do afterwards.


How To Buy The Best Tent For Camping Setup?

Backpacking Or Camping Tents?

Backpacking tents are lightweight and compact, so they are easy to carry. But, if your camping partners don’t have separate tents, a backpacking tent might not have sufficient room for you all. A camping tent is heavier and larger. Hence, it is not as portable as a backpacking tent. However, you need to pick a camping tent if you plan to have multiple tentmates.

2-Season, 3 Season, or 4 Season Tents?

Two-season tents are only for dry seasons. These tents will not hold up well to wind and rain. So, buying them will restrict your camping activities profoundly. If you only like camping in the dry season, a two-season tent would work for you. But, we recommend getting at least a three-season tent.

Three-season tents can tackle moderate weather conditions in spring, summer, and fall. They will give you a level of protection against wind and rain. If you are not keen on camping in the most extreme conditions, a three-season tent will serve you fine. Daredevil campers need to pick something sturdier.

Here’s where four-season tents come in. These tents boast the maximum amount of protection from weather extremities. They can tackle heavy snow and storm. Even though some of these tents are advertised as four-season models, they could be too intimidating for summer. Look for a double-wall tent so that you can adapt to seasonal changes.

Storage Pockets & Light Hooks

Free space is often at a premium inside a tent when you are sharing it with other people. So, leaving your luggage and other belongings on the floor means you are taking up precious bed space. Look for tents that have vestibules, gear lofts, or storage pockets to store your stuff. You would also need hooks to hang lights or other accessories.


For the outer canopy, we prefer polyester. It is heavy-duty and water repellant. For floors, polyester and nylon would be the perfect fit. Aluminum tent poles are better than fiberglass ones. Fiberglass poles tend to break easily, but they are an economical choice. Inner layer mesh would provide better ventilation and safety from insects.


Without proper ventilation, you will never feel comfortable in a tent. Hence, you should emphasize this aspect while buying a tent. The windows and doors should have mesh layers, through which air can pass through easily. Angled windows can be a great ventilation choice since you can keep them open when it’s raining outside.

Tent Camping Hacks: How To Get The Best Out Of Your Tent?

Read The Manual First

Most of us don’t bother to read the manual when we buy a tent. The smart thing to do is take a few minutes and give it a good read. The manual contains specific instructions to maintain your tent and pitch it.  You would also get to know what your tent is capable of and what it cannot handle.

Do A Test Pitch At Home

Pitching a tent for the first time could be troublesome, so trying to set up a tent for the first time on your camping trip would not be a good idea. Before heading for the campsite, pitch the tent in your backyard or someplace else to avoid unnecessary complications when you actually go camping.

Avoid The Sun

Even if your tent comes with a high UV rating, long-term exposure to sunlight will impact its longevity. So, regularly camping in open spaces could affect the performance of your tent. Try to pick a shaded region for camping. You can also use a sun shelter over the tent to screen it from direct sunlight.

Use Footprint

A footprint is crucial to prolonging the lifespan of your tent floor. If you don’t put anything between the surface and the tent floor, the ground’s dampness will harm the floor material. A footprint even outs the bumps in rough terrains and prevents you from feeling the ground temperature.

Dry Before Repacking

The tent has to be absolutely dry when you put it away for future use. A damp tent is susceptible to mildew growth, which, in turn, would lead to premature tears. This is true for even the best tent camping setup.  The first thing to do after returning from a camping trip is to dry out your tent. The slightest trace of dampness could result in mildew. So, take no chances.

Clean It The Right Way

Machine wash is a complete no-no for tents. Hand wash the tent with a non-abrasive sponge. Only use unscented soaps. Scented soaps are a vermin magnet. These soaps also jeopardize the waterproofing arrangements of tents. Afterwards, rinse the soap off with cold water. Warm water could compromise the fabric quality of your tent.

Waterproof Your Tent

Tents lose their waterproofing abilities over time. Sooner or later, the waterproofing of your tent will wear out. Check your tent seams for leaks. If you find leaks, seal them with a seam sealer. You can also spray a waterproofing solution over your tent to revitalize its waterproofing system. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is A Vestibule?

Vestibules are extra rooms in a tent where you can get changed and keep your wet, muddy cloth and footwear before entering the living space of the tent. Vestibules give you a separate room to stash your dirty laundry or other apparatus. However, they can hamper ventilation and make it more difficult to enter and exit the tent.

Q. What Is A Gear Loft?

Gear lofts are mesh pockets that you can find hanging overhead or at the upper corners of sidewalls. As the name implies, you can store your gears here. If you don’t have vestibules, you can store your wet and damp clothes in the gear loft. Gear lofts are an ergonomic tent feature that gives you storage opportunities without taking up bed space.

Q. What Is A Freestanding Tent?

A freestanding tent refers to a type of tent that doesn’t require stakes and guy lines to stay in the ground. These tents solely rely on the tent poles for stability. As there are no stakes involved, you can pitch these tents in the twinkling of an eye. That said, we must also mention that these tents offer less wind protection than traditional, non-freestanding tents.

Q. Nylon, Polyester, Or Polyethylene? Which Makes The Best Floor?

The best tent camping setup is not possible without a rugged floor. Nylon and polyester floors hold up better than polyethylene floors. Polyethylene floors have a decent track record too when it comes to durability. But, nylon and polyester floors would outlast polyethylene ones under the same conditions.

Final Say

Congratulations! It was a long read indeed, but you have made it to the end. Now you are familiar with the best tents in the market. You also know what it takes to recognize the best tent camping setup. Hopefully, our article will help you make the right decision and lead you towards the perfect tent.

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