28 Best Tent Camping Setup Ideas For Camping Like A Pro

When you plan a perfect getaway to relieve yourself from the hustles and bustles of urban life, camping comes up as one of the most desirable activities to pursue. To make your camping experiences even more worthwhile, we will introduce you to some nifty tent camping setup ideas in today’s article.

28 Tent Camping Setup Ideas

Put Your Matches In a Mason Jar To Keep Them Dry

Camping without a campfire is inconceivable. But, in certain weather conditions, you might find that your matchsticks have gone to waste as they have become moist. To avoid this, you can keep matches in a mason jar. If you tighten the lid, the sticks will stay safe from outside humidity and retain their dryness.

Pack Simple Food Like Walking Taco

Look for an easy-to-pack item that also tastes delicious when you are preparing food for camping. If you are not planning to cook at the campsite, or at least want to have one meal without going through the hassle of cooking, walking tacos, or tacos-in-a-bag would be the ideal camping treat.

Bring Extra Cooking Fuel

Packing extra cooking fuel is camping 101. Imagine driving miles away from town and then running out of cooking fuel before your dinner is ready. So, having one or two extra canisters lying around is insurance worth having. If you want to travel light, then make sure that there are shops adjacent to your site.

Preserve Scrambled Eggs In A Bottle

As a responsible camper, always clean up and bring the trash back home so that you can dispose of them properly. To minimize cooking waste in the campsite, you can scramble the eggs at home and put them in a bottle. In doing so, you will not have to worry about leaving behind cracked eggshells.

Use Foam Tent Floors\Fluffy Blankets As Ground Cover

We always recommend using ground covers to keep the tent floor dry. Using foam-made tent floors is one of the most brilliant tent camping setup ideas to consider to make the tent floor comfortable. Laying down a foam flooring would soften the floor and make it cozier to lie down or sit inside the tent. Fluffy blankets should also do the trick.

A Jug Full Of Water Can Illuminate Your Whole Tent

Camping lanterns do a pretty good job keeping alight your tent, but some might find them overwhelming. If camp lanterns feel too bright to your eyes, you can opt for a mellower lighting arrangement. Take a headlamp and strap it to a water-filled transparent container or jug. When you turn the lamp on, the light passes through water and reaches all corners of the tent.

Wax Candles Keep The Zippers Flying

Nobody wants to wake up in the morning to find out that their tent zipper is stuck. If you face a stubborn zipper, try rubbing a wax candle on the zipper line from top to bottom. The paraffin wax should lubricate the zipper teeth and make it easier for the zipper to move along the chain. You can use candle wax regularly to keep your tent zippers functioning.

A Hanging Tent Organizer Can Free Up Space Inside The Tent

Tent camping setup ideas involving hanging tent organizers could maximize the interior space. When you keep your bags on the floor, you might not have ample space left for placing your sleeping bags. To remedy this situation, you can install a sorter on the tent walls so that you can keep your bags and other necessary items there.

Use Pool Noodles To Make The Tent Ropes More Visible

Tent lines are hard to notice, so it is not uncommon for campers to trip over them. To make your tent ropes more visible, you can use pool noodles to mark them. Take a piece of pool noodle and cut it in half. Then, slip it through the lines before tying them to tent stakes. Choose bright colors like blue, red, and yellow.

A Hot Water Bag Will Keep Your Feet Warm

Want to go camping in freezing temperatures? Keeping a hot water bag in your sleeping bag would help you sleep better at night. It would stay warm in your bed for hours. Keep the between your legs so that it can soothe your femoral arteries. If the bag is too hot to touch, then wrap a cloth around it.

 Drape Reflective Blankets Over Your Tent In The Summer

Are you looking for tent camping setup ideas that would keep the scorching summer sun at bay? Draping a space blanket over your tent could do wonders in keeping the room temperature down. We recommend hanging the blanket a foot over the tent so that wind can blow through the layers and provide you with even more comfort.

Install Solar Lights Around The Campsite

A campfire can’t illuminate the entire surrounding of your camp. There could still be dark corners around. You can place a few solar lights close by so that the campsite remains completely visible in the darkest of nights. These lights are long-lasting and available at affordable prices.

 Use Collapsible Trash Cans

Packing light is the secret to a hassle-free camping experience. You need to bring along a trash can to properly dispose of your garbage and keep the campsite neat and clean. Bringing a collapsible trash can is more convenient than a regular one because it takes up less packing space.

Shake & Pour Pancakes

A shake and pour pancake mix is the simplest breakfast option for campers. Even though these pancakes are very easy to prepare, they are appetizing morning snacks. You can purchase ready-made pancake mix from any groceries. Add a tablespoon of sugar, 2 cups of pancake mix, water, and an egg into a mason jar. Shut the lid, shake the jar, and you are done!

Keep A Mini-Emergency Kit

Everyone takes a first-aid box while camping, but they often abandon it in the car or on the campsite. You can face emergencies outside the camp, so it’s smart to carry a mini-survival kit. You can keep a compass, band-aids, ibuprofen, allergy shots, or other emergency medication in it.

 Wear Anti-Mosquito Bracelets

Apart from mosquito repellant creams, you can also consider wearing anti-mosquito bracelets to save yourself from mosquito bites. We would suggest wearing paracord bracelets that have the essence of citronella-an essential oil that has a proven characteristic to ward off mosquitos. If necessary, you can unroll the paracord and use it for other applications.

 Keep A Backup Stove

A barbeque or open fire sound almost synonymous with camping. But, best tent camping setup ideas always involve contingency plans. A sudden drizzle can pour cold water on your campfire or barbeque plans. Therefore, you should carry a camp stove that would come in handy in such situations.

Put Your Toilet Papers Inside A Coffee Canister

Keeping your toilet papers dry is a must when you go camping.  If the toilet papers get exposed to extra humidity, they will disintegrate easily. An empty coffee canister has the perfect size to fit a new roll of toilet paper. It is a noticeable upgrade over paper bags, which tend to get soggy themselves.

 Make A Makeshift Toilet Out Of A Bucket

You can DIY a portable toilet out of a bucket if the campsite doesn’t have any bathrooms nearby. Take a 5-gallon bucket, and place a plywood-made toilet seat on top of it. After you are done with your business, scatter half a cup of kitty litter inside the bucket. Kitty litter absorbs urine and masks the smell of the feces.

 Shop For Condiment Sachets

You don’t need to take regular size condiment packets on camping trips unless you are going away for a week or so. For example, you would not need an entire bottle of tomato sauce if you plan on camping one night. Buy some sachets instead, which are far easier to carry. Salt, pepper, olive oil-almost all cooking ingredients come in camping-friendly, small packaging.

 A Shoe Organizer Can Be Your Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

You can repurpose over door shoe racks to hold a lot of things other than shoes. In a campsite, you can hang one from a tree, and use it as a kitchen sorter. You can put all your cooking and eating utensils there as you cook. You can also fill up the pockets with food supplies so that you can reach them easily while cooking.

 Use Three Dishpans To Setup Your Dishwashing Station

Take three dishpans and place them on the table. The first dishpan should contain soap water, the second one should have warmer water, and the third pan should have a water-vinegar mix (one/two teaspoons of vinegar in a pan full of water). First, wash your dishes in the first pan, then move on to the second. Finally, rinse the plates in the third dishpan to sanitize them.

Pack All Supplies And Equipment In Bags Or Boxes

This might not come off as one of the most innovative tent camping setup ideas, but this simple action could ensure that all your camping gears and rations stay protected. If it’s raining, then anything that is not in a bag or a box would soak in rainwater as you unload your supplies from the car.

 Keep Your Backpack Contents Underneath A Trash Bag

When you are backpacking, make sure to place a trash bag or a sheet of plastic over the items you have taken in the bag. In doing so, you can expect your backpack content to stay dry even if you get drenched in the rain. Wet clothes and sleeping bags make you more susceptible to hypothermia. So, keeping them dry should be your utmost priority.

 Make An Improvised Grommet Using A Small Rock

If your tent grommet shows signs of wear, you can improvise a new grommet using a pebble. Place the rock on the underside of the tarp and push it upwards. Tie the lines around the bulge that formed because of the stone. Even though it’s a stopgap measure, the new grommet should provide more support to the tent as it spreads the pressure over a greater area.

 Burning Sage Can Keep The Mosquitoes Away

We have already talked about mosquito repellant ointments and anti-mosquito wristbands, but you might find burning sages to be a more useful measure to keep off these flying nuisances. When you are lighting a campfire, you can burn a few bundles of sage branches and keep them around the campsite. As a bonus, sage smoke can purify the air with its antimicrobial properties.

 Can’t Start A Fire? Try Some Doritos!

If you are having trouble finding firewood, you can use leftover Doritos or corn chips as substitute kindling. Thanks to the assortment of starches, oils, and other test-enhancing chemical ingredients present in these chips, they make for excellent combustion material. So, you can get your fire started with half a bag of Doritos.

 Use Iced Water Bottles In Your Cooler Instead Of Ice

Ice in your cooler works fine for a brief outdoor outing, but for overnight camping or even longer trips, you should use iced water bottles in your cooler. It would stay cold longer, and once the ice melts, you can get cold water to drink. If you use ice, on the other hand, it will melt faster. You will have no use for the water as well.

Final Say

Camping is a fun activity to partake in, be it with family or be it with friends. Our tent camping setup ideas can make your camping adventures more delightful. If you are a seasoned camper, you might have already been familiar with a lot of these tricks. That said, we are confident that at least some of these suggestions are new to you, and you can’t wait to try them out!

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